ZMI General Trading LLC is the exclusive agent for the range of MaxQ nutrition supplements. Max Q offers a premium array of research supported, Olympic compliant, clinically dosed, all natural products, that have revolutionized the weight loss and body building markets across the globe.

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Capsilean attacks weight loss from multiple angles with synergistically paired ingredients and
scientifically supported results.

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A research backed, premium ingredient combination, nutrient-timing and increased nutrient dosage per scoop, to improve your intensity, endurance, performance, strength and recovery.


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MaxQ Nutrition’s® supplement series is the fascinating result of hours and hours of scientific research to create products that wouldn’t let us down, because we refuse to let the pros down. In fact, we challenge the pros. We raised the bar and devised a formula that can redefine limits.
Our Formulas are Vital to Becoming Untouchable.


Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight or build strength, you may have found training and eating right isn’t returning the results you want. Maybe you’ve come in second place too many times? Maybe you can’t beat a record you set a year ago?
Is it your body working against you?

While you may be missing the right ingredients in your diet, you also might be missing something else.
Nutrient timing is a strategy where when you train; you take a specific combination of nutrients at specific times during exercise to promote endurance, nutrient absorption, muscle mass, metabolism and recovery. Some studies suggest that the actual time you take supplements or nutrients may be more important than the absolute daily intake of nutrients.

Several researchers reference an anabolic “window of opportunity.” In other words, these studies indicate there is a limited period that exists where you can optimize your body’s response to, and the results of, training. Through our research of scientific studies on nutrient timing and exercise, we have maximized your body’s response to physical activity by formulating the ideal ingredients at full doses to be taken before, during and/or after training to get you back on top and setting new records your future self will strive to beat.

Let us walk you through the exciting science behind the MaxQ Nutrition®’s MaxedOUT Supplements.

Blending quality and affordability

Whether you’re blending a green smoothie for one or making a big batch of soup for the whole family, it’s important that you have the right blender for professional results. 

Put your creativity to the test with our commercial-grade, JTC OmniBlend products and accessories.

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"I'm an amateur athlete and I've been using Capsilean for the last 4 years. It has made a world of difference to my physical fitness. In my experience, this doubles your muscle development and fat burning rate."

Billy Shane


"As a female fitness freak, I'm usually apprehensive when it comes to supplements targeting men. The MaxQ range has helped me and my girls hit the gym with confidence."

Nancy Logan


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