Global Sourcing of elite Health and Nutrition solutions from around the globe

ZMI General Trading LLC is specialized in the sourcing, and distribution of premium health and nutrition products, within the Middle East

Our expertise include:

 We look for and define consumer health and nutrition challenges. 

 Research related solutions and products from around the globe. 

 Analyze and filter the findings according to quality and compliance to local governance system. 

 Acquire the elite partners through strategic coalitions. 

 Establish a market base for our partners’ products and brand in the UAE.

Our Vision

Our vision is to act as a hub for the best health and nutrition products and solutions from around the globe, to create an effective gateway for premium global players into the UAE.

A hub in the UAE for the best
health and nutrition products from around the globe.

  04 3566 523

 ZMI General Trading LLC,

Office No. 1906, The H Dubai Office Tower, 

Sheikh Zayed Road - World Trade Center, 

Dubai, UAE

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